Birthday Musings -Aging Like Fine Wine

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zumba.loy3 Tomorrow is my birthday, August 8th 2009 

I’m now sixty nine
While my body is aging like fine wine
My mind says I’m still thirty nine
And I just smile as I become a Zumba Queen.


I’m writing today though as I’ll be in a Zumba workshop tomorrow which is one of my latest passions. Zumba is Latin inspired dance/fitness.

In the picture I’m teaching my adoring students that can’t talk back.  They just smile as I go through the learning curve preparing one day to be an instructor.

My birthday time is always a time to reflect on the previous chapters of my life while preparing for the next one.  I must say life has really been a “hoot.”


I well remember in 1958 while a senior in high school really pondering what I wanted to do with my life. I was heavily influenced by the time period I grew up in, with the constant threats of being blown up in some manner.  We were in a cold war with Russia that was expected at any time to become a hot war.

I could not see bringing a child into the world as it was and decided that I would dedicate my life to trying to do something about the world’s situation.  I really pondered about preparing myself for going into politics.  After some real soul searching I decided that politics was not the way for me to help solve the problems of the world.  I decided very clearly for the world to change, first our consciousness had to change.

And that decision has guided my whole life. I chose not to take the traditional path as the experts were all men. Freud and Behaviorism dominated the field of psychology.  Psychology was attempting to be recognized as a science at that time and had no room for religion/spirituality.  What can I say, it was clear that the traditional path was not for me. And I’m not a feminist man hater, just wanted to introduce the feminine viewpoint as well.

Being a Leo, a leader, a pioneer and an adventurer, I set out on my own.  It never occurred to me that I couldn’t find the answers that I was looking for. And the rest is history, I became a pioneer in the New Age field. And indeed I did find the answers that I was looking for, which of course always brought up new questions.

And all along the way, I spoke about the truths that I found, taught classes, wrote books and became a therapist to those seeking my guidance.


My mother is 88 and a real delight in my life. I choose to be responsible and stay close. Besides she is such a role model for aging it’s awesome to just be a part of her life right now.exercise.feb2007 039 (The two of us at Curves, where Mother goes every day to exercise and then come and walk my dog Primo for a 1/2 mile before going home for a rest.)


So these posts are really my own experiment, by own way of finding my way to be of value while being cognizant of my age.  And hopefully the awareness, the consciousness that I developed through my life’s journey will be a contribution.

Oh I do like looking back at what I wrote years ago.  This year I’m celebrating my 75th.

Oh it’s year 75 now
How about a high five?
And a twinkle of the eye
As I let out a sigh.