The Avatar Game – Chapter One

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Chapter One

The Avatar Game

What is the Avatar Game?

Let’s start by defining Game.

A competitive activity in which players contend with each other according to a set of rules providing entertainment or amusement.

LIFE very aptly fits the definition of game for me. It is a full-on gung ho activity in which we all compete with each other whether we realize it or not. Entertaining, amusing, yes, sometimes when I’m not so entrenched that I lose my objective perspective.

Why don’t I call it the Human Game then? Because often I can sense my human movements are being carefully orchestrated by an aspect  that’s quite outside the human part of me. It is then I become cognizant of another feature of me, my Higher Self.

You could say that this direction by a position outside the human part of me is very similar to the computer games where millions of people all over the world create an alternative life, a second life.

If you haven’t heard about these games—players create an identity called an ‘avatar’. An avatar is an icon or a representation of the player in the game or shared virtual reality. This avatar moves, talks in real time, buys property, and has social interactions with other identities or avatars.

Some players even create more than one avatar, and so they lead multiple alternative lives, not just one.

It’s the same with my higher self who has more than one expression of itself in the physical realm. I am just one.

Some of the most popular web-based communities are:

Why not check out at least one of the above websites? Or go see the movie James Cameron’s The Avatar or Surrogates starring Bruce Willis. In a most entertaining way both movies offer profound clues to the mystery of life.

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